Grand opening GameCave HUB Library Kerkrade

Opening GameCave

Last Saturday the HUB.Library in Kerkrade opened her GameCave. The GameCave is a special designated room in the library supplied with an 85” screen, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S and 2 PC’s where visitors will be able to use them. A great concept of course, with the focus to attract an audience which is normally not found in a library. In stead of gaming at home, people can game together which supports the social aspect. If someone doesn’t have a gaming device at home, it possible to game in the library. Altogether an excellent approach to attract a younger crowd with this concept.

Support GamePros

Sascha Dresia (System- and application-manager) at the HUB.Bibliotheek has approached GamePros a while ago with the question if GamePros could support with the opening of the GameCave. Considering concept, location and goals we didn’t have to think about it and our answer was yes!

GameCave HUB Bibliotheek Kerkrade 2

Games, games and more games!

During the event visitors could play different games, among with competitions to take part at. Games like Hearthstone, SuperSmash Bros., Minecraft but also boardgames like MTG and Dungeons & Dragons. Young and old participated at different competitions of which GamePros made a livestream of the Hearthstone competition. This Hearthstone tournament wasn’t a part of the Championship Series. But for all Hearthstone there was a nice bonus, because it was possible to open packs from the latest expansion: Rise of Shadows!

GameCave HUB Bibliotheek Kerkrade 3

Next GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series event (online)

Would you like to compete at our next GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series event? That’s possible. On Friday, April 19, 2019 we’re hosting our next event. Attention, this is an online event. The tournament starts at 19:00! To enter this tournament register at Battlefy.

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