Official statement about Online Qualifier 10

First off it was good to see familiar faces and 17 participants in total on this Online Qualifier. As with every event we try to surpass the last and with a lot former players returning to each event it seems we’re doing something right.

Past Friday, October 11, the 10th edition of the GamePros Championship Series Qualifier took place and preparations as always went smoothly. Unfortunately this tournament took place during an in-game Hearthstone event which allowed some Wild Cards accessible in Standard. Because we weren’t aware of these changes and try to keep our tournaments as standard as possible, we banned these cards on this Online Qualifier. Incorrect in retrospect, because these cards will be standard until the next expansion of Hearthstone.

The lack of information led to an incorrect decision on our side and we’re sad to see some players weren’t able to participate because their decks weren’t up to our standard. A standard which deviated from the standard used by Blizzard.

To prevent (in this case) wrong decisions in the future, we will investigate deeper in the changes of Hearthstone and other games when we add these to our events. And consult participants for their input. We count on your understanding and look forward for an epic revelation of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series next month! Save