Drumrolls please… the new and improved GamePros website has arrived

Dear gamers, it took al while but.. our new website is live! We worked hard and the end result is worth it, right?! The new website is an important part of our online strategy with the goal to create more awareness online and represent us better.

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You can assume that the website is tested carefully, however some improvements might be required. Things like elements which aren’t showing up properly on a smaller screen or maybe even a spelling miztake. We appreciate all feedback, so if you think something should be corrected or changed don’t be shy and let us know. You can message us on our socials, Discord or use our contact form.

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What’s Next

GamePros Crew isn’t sitting quietly, we’ve got plenty of news to report in the future. A sneak preview? Naturally a new batch of Hearthstone events, more info about the Hearthstone Championship Series, the TiMeS LAN, GamePros merchandise and much more! If you haven’t signed up yet: next Saturday, July 6, the next Hearthstone Offline Qualifier 7 will take place. Participate and earn the highly sought after points for the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series ranking!