Everything about the greatest update ever and the lastest expansion: Ashes of Outland

Recently Blizzard announced a lot of news about Hearthstone on a livestream. Next to the new expansion, called Ashes of Outland, which will be release on April 7, a dozen of new innovations. Blizzard has revealed a new class, new game-modes and gameplay improvements for a better experience.

Ashes of Outland

The newest Hearthstone expansion will be called: Ashes of Outland. This should sound familiar for Warcraft veterans, because the Burning Crusade expansion was set in the Outland as well. Many characters from the Burning Crusade will be found as playable cards in the Ashes of Outlands.

The expansion will arrive at April 7, 2020 and will be the start of the “Year of the Phoenix”. With this the “Year of the Raven” will be removed from the standard. Players can already login to get a free new card from Ashes of Outland: the legendary Kael’thas Sunstrider. A prologue of the expansion will be released on April 2, so just a little patience.

New class: Demon Hunter

Maybe one of the most exciting moments during the livestream was the announcement of the first new game class: the Demon Hunter. This will be a highly aggressive class, what can be deducted from it’s hero power. This hero power, which costs only 1 Mana (!), will give the Demon Hunter a +1 attack for one turn. The Demon Hunter will get a lot of matching cards, like weapons en cards which give bonus’ when your hero attacks.

The Demon Hunter as a unique keyword as well in the shape of “Outcast”, which gives a strong bonus when it’s most left of right in your hand.

Changes in the Priest class

On March 26 the Priest class will go through some changes. This class has led to a lot of frustration amongst the Hearthstone community, because they said it wasn’t a fun class to play against. Some of the most frustrating cards – innerfire anyone? – will be added to the Hall of Fame and be replaced by new cards.

Some of the card like “Divine Spirit” and “Prophet Velen” led to strong combo’s which were mostly unstoppable. In return they will get some strong control cards and other existing cards will be stronger. Don’t forget you’ll get a full dust refund from the cards added to the Hall of Fame, so if you don’t have them already (and if you have enough dust) you can craft them for “Free”.

Complete your collection faster and cheaper

For players with a smaller budget, Blizzard announced a number of positive changes. Starting from March 26 you no longer get cards which you already have two of when opening card packs, until you’ve collected all cards from a certain rarity. Never again you will get 20 of the same cards when you still need other cards with the same rarity.

The experience for new and returning players will be improved as well with the possibility to quickly get a competitive deck. You can get one after playing a short scenario. We welcome this change, because this should mean more players start playing Hearthstone.

The Year of the Phoenix is coming

On March 26, some of the cards from the Classic set will be moved to the Hall of fame. This are all cards which have been used extensively like: Leeroy Jenkins, Mountain Giant, Mind Control Tech, Acolyte of Pain and Spellbreaker. You will get the same amount of Arcane Dust as the original crafting price, so you don’t have to disenchant them your self. This is the same for the Priest cards which will be moved to the Hall of Fame, so you can craft them for “Free” if you don’t have them already!

Hearthstone Year of the Phoenix

Changes in Ranked mode

Starting from April 1, the ranking system will be overhauled. Unlike the current existing 25 ranks, there will be five leagues of ten ranks each. Each player will be placed back to the lowest rank each season, but depending on their highest rank they should climb though the ranking faster. There will also be added more rewards for ranked players like more free cards and card packs. Of course we have to see for our self if this league and ranking system will work in the future. But we won’t say no to extra rewards, am I right?

Hearthstone Ranked mode

Changes in Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds play mode will also be changed a lot. New heroes will be added, and will see some old heroes return as well as changes in some cards and heroes. Players will also be able to buy a Tavern Pass, which will give some advantages like early access to new heroes.

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