First Hearthstone Fireside Gathering is a fact

After some planning we did it, we planned our first Hearthstone Fireside Gathering.
It will be a collaboration between NextGen Events and GamePros. This collaboration will be the beginning of a series of events which will be planned and where we would like to welcome you as gamers.

GamePros Tavern

After an early internal pilot, we as GamePros have our very own ‘established Tavern’ to organise Fireside Gatherings. This will mean we can plan more than one Fireside Gathering ahead of time and… More possibilities to unlock the new Warlock hero – Nemsy Necrofizzle. Our tavern got the most original name ‘GamePros Tavern’ and will be recognisable by the following logo.


Event Information

OK, but where and when do I have to be to participate in this Fireside Gathering? We’re going to tell you, so grab your agenda. Saturday, November 11, 2020 from 11:00 until 18:00 and will be held in cultural centre ‘Brikke Oave’ in Brunssum (NL). Look for the official announcement about this Fireside Gathering at the Blizzard website.

Good to know is that you need to register in order to participate in the Fireside Gathering. There is a difference between visitors (casual play) and competitors (tournament). Whatever you register for, participation is free. If you want to participate in the tournament you might even win a fun price!

You don’t play Hearthstone?

No problem! We got you covered, there are plenty of possibilities to play other games.
Amongst other things FIFA on Xbox One. If needed we can set up a secondary tournament.
Last but not least it’s also possible to play on the VR Goggles from Oculus Rift with the Robo Recall game.