Championship Series 2020 – Recap Online Qualifier 2

Friday, April 24th, 2020 the second Online Qualifier of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2020 took place. As always we saw a lot of registrations, familiar faces but definitely a lot of new players too. Additionally, we also had a special surprise for this tournament.

New Hearthstone casters in the house

Well the title did spoil a bit, but we had some amazing cast support by two Hearthstone veterans; Jheewee and Badajimpom. Both did an amazing job covering this tournament during our live stream on Twitch. Least thing we could do is providing these casters with a full packed tournament, a range of experienced Hearthstone players all mixed with the current meta? Well we all did, and it turned out to be yet another awesome edition of a GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Qualifier.

A stacked (and packed) line-up

First of all, it’s so good to see that we’re able to grow our reach and amount of players who’d like to participate in our Qualifiers. For this edition a maximum of 32  players but there were more players who registered. Quite frankly, more than double the amount of players registered! That’s why we are going to increase the amount of players who can participate to a maximum of 64 for the next Qualifier. Doing so, obviously means there are some changes to the format of the tournament too. Read all about the latest details of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2020 here.

Players could check-in from 18:30 and at exactly 19:00 the seeding took place. This time there where no “BYE’s” but a lot of players on the rise! :-)

Hearthstone Ranked mode

The first match which we followed with our stream was the match between GoudHout and Badajimpom. Both very experienced players – just the week before GoudHout emerged as winner in The Party’s Hearthstone event. Jim played very aggro and managed to win 2-0 with his Demon Hunter and Warlock decks. GoudHout was send to the Losers Bracket and on to the next match!

Next match on stream was JKirek against Handdyy. As in a familiar face against a new participant. Very exciting match, as the first round was won by Jkirek with his mage deck. The following match was won by Handdyy with his warrior deck so it all came down to the next match… JKirek’s rogue was up against Handdyy’s druid. Handdyy was able to play on curve and eventually made sure he got his second point and won the match.

Tournament progress

In the overview below you’ll find all matches played during the Online Qualifier 2 including the results.

The final

Maxvdp was our first finalist, he hadn’t lost a single match and earned himself the first spot in the final through the Winners Bracket. And you can’t play a final alon! There had to emerge a winner from the Losers Bracket. Eventually the final battle of the Losers Bracket was between jkirek and Enemis, where jkirek eventually emerged as victor with a score of 2-1.

The final of the Online Qualifier 2 of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2020 was Maxvdp vs jkirek. Jkirek is a player who regularly participated in our tournaments – and with results. Maxvdp as a new player and now already in the final…

Maxvdp brought a rogue, druid and warrior whilst JKirek brought a mage, rogue and demon hunter. JKirek’s banned the druid of Max and saw his rogue deck getting banned. First round was the warrior deck of Max against the mage of JKirek, which was won by Max. The second round of the final was the rogue of Max against the demon hunter of JKirek. Due to an insane amount of tempo Maxvdp proved the stronger competitor and won the final with a 2-0 victory.

Overview participants and places

To clarify; the overview above shows which place each participant reached during this event. Based on these results we add points to the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series ranking of this year.

Thank you and we’ll see you next time!

GamePros would like to thank all participants, casters and viewers for their contribution to yet an other successful GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Qualifier. The whole crew looks back at yet an other great event and we can’t wait until the next one.

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The next Online Qualifier of the Hearthstone Championship Series 2020 is on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Sign up now so you’re certain you can participate. Lastly we want to wish everyone strength and health for the coming times, take good care of each other.

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