GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2019 | Offline Qualifier 9

Saturday, September 7, 2019, was the 9th Fireside Gathering! This is the last offline edition of the well-known GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings.
One more shot to score maximum points for the GamePros Championship Series ranking and earn a spot at the Grand Finals on the 23th of November. October 11 is the final online tournament were players can earn some points after which the top 8 players will compete in a battle of titans to become the Hearthstone champion. This online tournament will be stream live from the TiMeS LAN.

Tournament progress

In the morning the crew started to setup everything for the last time and from 11:00 the first players arrived including some new faces. At 12:00 Pascal started the last offline Championship Series Fireside Gathering in the Brikke Oave. There were some exciting matches with surprising victors.


Psionics was our first finalist. The losers bracket final was Fearlod vs Mcmkiller. After two thrilling matches Mcmkiller proved no match for FearlordBG. The final was Psionics vs FearlordBG and after an exciting 1-1 the strongest contender of the day was Psionics. This is the first time that Psionics participates and with this win he has earned himself a spot in the GamePros Championship Series Grand Finals on November 23 at the Brikke Oave in Brunssum.


As GamePros we would like to thank the Brikke Oave and all participants for yet another successful edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering. The next edition is already planned: on Friday, October 11, 2019. That will be the last online edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering. This time from your lazy chair, sofa, bed or train. But if you miss us you can always visit us on the TiMeS LAN at the sporting hall Strijthagen in Landgraaf.

We will use Battlefy and Discord. You can sign up using the next link.