GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2019 | Offline Qualifier 3

Three time’s a charm

Saturday, March 9, the Brikke Oave in Brunssum was the epicentre of Hearthstone esports once again. GamePros was organising the third edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering. Again in the Brikke Oave, because the last event was held online. In this new format online en offline events will be held alternately and players will be able to earn points for their position at the end of the event. These points will count for the GamePros Championship Series ranking for that year and the best 8 players will compete for great prizes at the Grand Final at the end of 2019.

Tournament progress

Starting from 10:00 the GamePros crew worked like ants to prepare for the event. The furniture of the Brikke Oave was placed strategically to place all participants. A lot of players signed in for the tournament and it promised to turn out a busy edition. From 11:30 the first contestants arrived and there were a couple of quick practice matches before the start of the tournament.

At noon our admin Pascal gave the signal to start the GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 3. The Twitch stream was fired on and the tournament took off. Juulke was designated to caster of the day and did this – by his own account – like a pro. Fortunately he wasn’t alone and got help from Erik, Tom and Antonie. It turned out to be a great stream.

The players were extremely focussed while playing, there was a lot at stake. Eventually you want to be part of the best 8 players to compete at the Grand Finals. The matches were thrilling because there were al lot of 2-1 finishes where players had to play a third match. When the afternoon progressed the first finalist was announced: Mcmkiller. He’d won all his matches in the winners bracket.


Eventually a second finalist of this GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering approached forward: jkirek As a true warrior he fought through the losers bracket to take place in the final, but did he have what it takes to win? The first final started and what a display of fireworks! Both Mcmkiller and jkirek went fierce in to the first round. The first final was won by jkirek with 2-1. Because Mcmkiller was victorious in the winners bracket, there had to be a second final match. The winner of this match would take home the price and be the winner of the tournament. Again we saw absolute focus from both players – let’s do this. After his win in the first final, jkirek knew how to win the second final. With a 2-0 victory jkirek was to strong for Mcmkiller. This is the first time jkirek has won a GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering, congratulations!

Check out the video below to replay the final:


As GamePros we would like to thank the Brikke Oave and all participants for yet another successful edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering. The next edition is already planned on: Friday, April 19, 2019 will be the 4th edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering. This edition won’t take place at the Brikke Oave, but will be held completely online. We will use Battlefy and Discord. We will use Battlefy and Discord. Sign up now using the next link.