GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2019 | Online Qualifier 2

On Friday, February 15, it was time again: a brand new GamePros Fireside Gathering! This was already the second edition of the (already) well-known GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings in the new format: the Championship Series. In this new format players can earn points based on their results each Qualifier. These points will count for the overall position in the GamePros Championship Series ranking for that year and the best 8 players will compete for great prizes in the Grand Finals at the end of 2019.

First online tournament

Because this tournament wasn’t held at the Brikke Oave in Brunssum but was held completely online, the setup was al little different. Participants could sign in at the Battlefy page for this event. Communication is king, when a tournament is held online it’s not possible to just walk up to a player. Because of this, the GamePros Discord server was used for communication between the admins and participants. This is something we will use for future events – besides that it’s good to see our community grow because of this.

GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2019 - Online Qualifier 2 bracket

Let’s go

Somewhat after 18:00 the official start sign was given by our head-admin Pascal and the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering 2 took off. A number of players were lucky, they could start in the second round because of a so called BYE. Despite of this there was a thrilling match in the first round. Mcmkiller vs Bono. This match was directly broadcasted on our Twitch channel. Eventually Mcmkiller won this round with 2-0, but it wasn’t given on a silver platter.


In the end there was an exciting final between Mcmkiller and LastShadowz where the latter came out on top. This is the first time LastShadowz has won a GamePros Fireside Gathering, congratulations! With this win he earned 5 points for the GamePros Championship Series ranking.
You’re thinking, why not 15 points? Because there are more points to earn at an “offline” Fireside Gathering. You can always find the complete ranking on
this page on our website. Altogether this first online Fireside Gathering could be called a success!

Check the video below to review the final:


As organisation we would like to thank all participants for an other successful edition of this GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering. The next edition is already planned: on Saturday, March 9, 2019 will be the third edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering at the Brikke Oave in Brunssum. Register now for this edition – see you there!