GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series 2019 | Online Qualifier 10

On Friday, October 11, was another GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series event, the tenth edition already. This edition was a so called “Online Qualifier”, whereas the tournament is held completely online. Just as previous events players could earn points for the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series ranking 2019. This year’s last Qualifier to be exact. Save

Tournament progress

Everybody was ready: the tournament could begin! There had signed up 17 players in total to participate in this GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Fireside Gathering Online Qualifier 10. This was the last online tournament before the Grand Finals but we saw plenty of new names. Everyone was ready for the last qualifier of the year with one last chance to earn points for the Championship Series ranking.

Around 19:00 our admin Pascal gave the starting signal of the tournament and the fun could begin. In the first round of the tournament only MistaaFistaa had to play against DirePants where MistaaFistaa was the winner. The rest got a so called BYE and didn’t have to play until the second round. In the second round we saw players from previous editions like HenryStark, Mcmkiller and FearlordBG take out their opponents. Even MistaaFistaa knew to take another round by beating Jkirek.

The third round promised to be exciting. Mcmkiller vs FearlordBG and MistaaFistaa against HenryStark. The latter match would be a battle between two Germans. There was no compromise because all four of them wanted a place in the final. MistaaFistaa proved to strong for his compatriot and Mcmkiller beat FearlordBG, because of that the winners bracket final would be MistaaFistaa vs Mcmkiller. Both matches were won with a 2-0 victory. Eventually Mcmkiller would be the fist player in the final by winning from MistaaFistaa with 2-0.

Meanwhile in the losers bracket raged a fierce competition. All players would fight for the second place in the final against Mcmkiller. Jkirek and HenryStark had no trouble taking down their opponents. But eventually HenryStark had to give up after a thrilling match. After a 2-1 victory Jkirek now had to face MistaaFistaa in the losers bracket final. This time Jkirek prove too strong and won with 2-1.


After an intense competition in the losers bracket Jkirek reported in for the final. These two players have faced each other before and this promised to be an epic conclusion of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series. And one final chance to earn maximum points for the Hearthstone Championship Series ranking.

Both players were equally focussed and the final was exciting until the end. But after three thrilling matches Mcmkiller was victorious and won the final edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series events.


As GamePros we would like to thank all participants and volunteers for a successful final edition of this GamePros Hearthstone Championship Series Online Qualifier. The Grand Finals will take place on Saturday, November 23, in the Brikke Oave. The top ranking players will receive an invitation, but if you didn’t make it to the Grand Finals and still want to be present. You’re welcome to join and if not you can follow the Grand Finals on our Twitch livestream.