GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 6

Saturday, October 13, was the sixth edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering on the TiMeS LAN. A welcome change from the usual lobby of the Brikke Oave.

Tournament progress

One by one the participants arrived at the Strijthagen sports hall in Landgraaf. A different scene as before; there were about 200 players participating in the TiMeS LAN. And the crew created a nice corner where the Fireside Gathering would take place and players could register at Battlefy. When the TiMeS crew announced the Fireside Gathering at their Discord channel some of the TiMeS players joined as well.

The starting signal was given at 12:30 by our well-known head-admin Pascal. The tournament was played in 5 round Swiss format. Best of 4 players after these Swiss rounds would head on to the single elimination rounds.

It looked like it would be an exciting afternoon.


After the 5 rounds the top 4 players were: Mcmkiller, Diesel, Truskar and Juulke. As an organiser Juulke gave his place to the number 5. Shadowhuk because Diesel was too late as he was participating in other competitions at the TiMeS LAN. Because of that even the number 6, Bono, could take place in the finals. The 4 finalists were: Mcmkiller, Truskar, Shadowhuk and Bono.

For a second time Mcmkiller would go head to head against Shadowhuk from whom he won with 2-1 before. This time however thing were different and Shadowhuk took his chance to go to the final by winning with 2-0.

Meanwhile the other semi final was played by Bono and Truskar. Surprising enough Bono won with 2-1 so the grand final would be the two players who in first place didn’t qualify for the semi finals.

The grand final was eventually won by Bono who took home first price.

As organisation we would like to thank the TiMeS LAN and all participants for an other successful edition of a GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering.