GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 3 | Tavern Hero Qualifier

The third Hearthstone Fireside Gathering was in spirit of the Season 2 Tavern Hero Qualifier. A side from the usual price there was an extra motivation to take part. The winner is allowed to participate in the Challenger Finals to maybe earn a spot at the Regional Finals where the best European players meet. There was a lot at stake en besides some familiar faces there were some new players.

Tavern Hero Qualifier

This is an official qualifier tournament for the grand finals of Blizzard. Every community tavern is allowed to organise it. More info on https://blizz.ly/HSrules

Fireside Gathering 3

Alongside the Tavern Hero Qualifier there was a regular GamePros Fireside Gathering of course.
There was a casual corner with Xbox One consoles, casual Hearthstone games and the tournament which was streamed live on Twitch and were players could follow it on the big screen. The Brikke Oave proved again what fine location it is. They offered plenty of space and a very well taken care of catering.

Tavern Hero Qualifier

The tournament was a double elimination best of three Hero Conquest format. There were high expectations from the participants who were present at prior events and have ended top 3. This time however we got a lot of surprises from the newcomers. Other players have been practising and got quite far in the tournament. Eventually top 3 was decided by Insania, Therric and SMOrc. We wish Insania a lot of luck at the Challenger Finals and hope he will get far!

Check out the full brackets, scores and stats on the Battlefy pagina of the tournament. You can find pictures on Facebook and videos on our YouTube channel. Keep an eye out on our Events page, because there will be more in the future!