GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 2

After the first Fireside Gathering, which took place in November, everyone was motivated to continue. And finally, Saturday, February 17, 2020 was the day! From every corner of the region players arrived at the Brikke Oave in Brunssum to participate in the second GamePros Fireside Gathering. As well as reigning champion Mcmkiller, who is eager to defend his title.

Fireside Gathering tournament

At twelve o’clock registration closed and the tournament started with 14 participants in Double Elimination Format. A best of 3 decided who could go to the next round or who joined the lower bracket. Eventually one player remained in the winners bracket, and he/she would face a player from the losers bracket in a grand final.

To make it as fair as possible the player from the winners bracket, who hadn’t lost (yet), would get an advantage in the final. The grand final was for the player from the winners bracket a best of 3, and for the player from the lower bracket a best of 5.

Double Elimination

In a Double Elimination tournament every player gets to lose once, without elimination. For more info check Wikipedia.


Tournament progress and Twitch stream

With 14 players there were 2 players who immediately continued to the next round. This gave the 2 players who lost their first match, free passage to the next round in the lower bracket.
The next 2 rounds we saw the first favourites and first eliminations. After their loss they continued to hang around, play some casual games and checked out the different side events present. Of course they could follow the tournament on our livestream. Some of the players were interviewed during the stream.

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Fireside Gathering final

In the winners bracket final reigning champion Mcmkiller would take on Shademaster who had no answer to the Warrior and Warlock from Mcmkiller. With this Mcmkiller placed himself in the grand final and Shademaster moved down to the lower bracket. Now we knew the lower bracket finalists.

Shademaster vs Limdul, who previously lost from Mcmkiller. Limdul however was the only player who had beaten Mcmkiller in a match so Shademaster was warned. Both players won a game with a Hunter and the last game had to decide which player would go to the grand final. Shademaster’s Priest proved to strong for Limdul’s Mage so we got a rematch between Shademaster and Mcmkiller. Although Shademaster changed his tactics, Mcmkiller closed the tournament with a 2-0 victory and an impressive 10-1 score during the whole tournament.

You can check out the videos from the semi finals on Toornament and YouTube.

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Next Fireside Gathering

Once more it was a successful Fireside Gathering and we got a lot of new ideas from our visitors to make the next event even bigger and better. Do you want to review this event. Follow our Twitch and YouTube channels were we will upload our videos. For future events you can always go to our website’s Events page. Don’t forget to like and follow our socials Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
This will keep you posted if there’s a new Fireside Gathering.

A shout-out to our stream-team who set up a great production and everyone who helped with setting up and clearing the event. But it wouldn’t have been a success with out the visitors who’d all had brought a good mood and their A-game for a good time. See you next time!