Fortuna Sittard FIFA18 Tournament

Saturday, April, 2018, 100 contestants battled for prizes in the Fortuna Sittard FIFA 18 tournament. All preparations led together on this fun day full of excitement. There were lots of beautiful prizes like a custom Cheetah Bikes bicycle, season pass for the next season of Fortuna Sittard, Slastik sunglasses, and much more. Because of this even players out of top 3 ended would take home a prize.

Side events

Next to the tournament, visitors could play on special game-cases supplied by JZ Design. These are complete game stations. A PlayStation 4, screen and controllers in a handy case where you can use it anywhere. Many celebrities like Max Verstappen and Lionel Messi own their own a game case which made it extra special that JZ Design wanted to be present with their game cases.

FIFA18 Tournament

When registering, the participants of the tournament got a goodie bag filled with help from our sponsors. After the pool-phase there were 64 players competing in a knockout phase for the title. After 2 rounds there were 16 players left who all got a prize.

Places 13 – 15 received a Fortuna Sittard fleece blanket
Players who won a decisive match and ended on spot 9 – 12 got a Derbystar soccer ball Fortuna Sittard
Places 6 – 8 brought home a Football Gear fan shirt.
And place 4 – 5 were prepared for a sunny summer with Slastik sunglasses.

Top 3 got the best prizes. That’s why it was extra exciting to livestream each competition from the semi final on Twitch with commentary. This stream was also broadcasted in the business lounge where visitors and players who already were eliminated still could see the finals and had one more reason to stay.

FIFA18 Finals

After two crazy close semi finals there was an other final for third place. This game wasn’t decided until the very end when Liverpool of ‘Leeroy de Bruijn’ beat Cas Dols’ Chelsea. Leeroy won a signed Fortuna fan shirt with autographs of all the players from the current selection.

There was a lot of interest for the grand final between ‘Keyano Schiffelers’ and ‘Tom van Geffen’.

Keyanu entered the field with Manchester United and had to go up against Tom’s choice; Chelsea.
Both teams had fair chances in the first half, but eventually remained 0-0. After the break Keyanu took the lead and scored twice. Tom decided to change his setup and formation. This led to a goal and a tie maker, but not until the 88th minute when he passed from the side. Only during extra time Keyanu scored again earning him victory. With the final over Tom won a season pass 2018-2019 for Fortuna Sittard (this might even be Eredivisie). But the grand prize the custom Cheetah Bike bicycle wend to Keyanu. Alongside these prizes top 3 also got a trophy to commemorate this unforgettable tournament.

2nd place: Tom van Geffen

1st place: Keyanu Schiffelers

3rd place: Leeroy de Bruijn