GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 4| Tavern Hero Qualifier

On Saturday, July 14, 2018 there was a brand new GamePros Fireside Gathering! Number 4 this time, once more with an international range of participants. Great to see not only Dutch, but also Belgians and Germans know how to find our events.

Progress tournament

From 10 o’clock in the morning the crew was making sure the tournament could start at 11:30. Fresh head-admin Remco double checked everything. All players were registered at Battlefy, schedule was known and he started the competition. A little later as planned but that didn’t spoil the fun.

The participants played as if their virtual lives depended on it – and of course it did. Good to see people playing with “meta” decks but also with the so called “meme” decks. It caused a lot of surprises because players didn’t always anticipated this. Like always matches were streamed directly to the GameProsNL Twitch channel with commentary provided by our casters. As the day went by, it became clear which players placed themselves for the finals. Below an overview of the tournament.


Eventually there was an exciting grand final between SMOrc and PaulWill6 where PaulWill6 was victorious. Below is a video from the whole grand final. This is the first time PaulWill6 won a GamePros Fireside Gathering. Congratulations! In an interview after the final he told us the tournament was a blast and he was looking forward for the next edition to defend his title.

We want to thank the Brikke Oave and all participants for an other successful edition of a GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering.
The next edition is planned already: Saturday, September 8, 2018 will be the 5th edition of the GamePros Hearthstone Fireside Gathering. This edition is a ‘Tavern Hero Qualifier’ which means there will be extra points to participate in official Blizzard tournaments. You can register through the next